"The statue already exists within the marble block, all I do is chip away the little bits that don’t belong, revealing the stature underneath."

- Michelangelo

The purpose of my presentations is to help my fellow Americans “see” and understand the beauty that is all around us, hiding in plain sight. Through my photography, and by using the various objects as metaphors, I help draw out the hidden character, integrity and passions embodied in my volunteer subjects. That the final pictures are a joy to see while discovering all that lies under the surface is only half the adventure, the real treasure is buried deeper still.

During the course of my presentation I share humanistic background stories from the shootings, the people and situations that go into making these true life scenes. Join my self and others for an evenings presentation that is fun, interesting and wonderfully inspirational. With over 450 slides and dozens of anecdotal stories woven into a 90 minute presentation, this is a wild ride of cutting edge photography, along with a true glimpse at the nobility of character embodied by the volunteers in these images.

"Achieving success through passion"

Selected Excerpts from Riverside


"What a fantastic speaker and program! You will see exactly why his program is called “American Pride and Passion”. Eric’s passion and talent was evident to all that attended our APA Charlotte event recently. Our group not only sat enthralled with how he accomplished his beautiful imagery, but were captivated by the wonderful stories behind each shot. He made the photos come alive with so many humorous recollections about the people and places he sought out to capture.

We highly recommend to anyone, photographer or not, to seek Eric out for a most entertaining, thoughtful and educational program."

Roger Ball
Chairman / APA Charlotte

Partial List of Speaking Engagements

Anaheim Camera Enthusiasts
APA, Charlotte, NC
Clickers and Flickers
Copenhagen’s Technical School, Denmark ( Keynote Speaker)
f/Stops Camera Club
International Society of Aerospace Photographers

Los Angeles Digital Imaging Group
Redlands Camera Club (x2)
Shutter Stories, Riverside CA
South Bay Circle of Confusion
Ventura County Camera Club
West Valley Camera Club
Texas PPA Regional Convention. October 2011